Roberto, Ruth, Belinda, Jessica

Roberto, Ruth, Belinda, Jessica bought be a pig bank and cross.

This is my cross.

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Ricardo, Sylvia, Ricky, Robert

On Tuesday, December 22, 2009, I went to Grandpa Juan and Raul house to visit Ricardo, Sylvia, Ricky, and Robert. They drove to Santa Rosa from Monterrey, Mexico on their Christmas vacation.

I am sleeping with Sylvia.

They bought me a duck.

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Raul bought me a Giraffe Shape Sorter and an Elmo doll.

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Grandpa Juan

Grandpa Juan bought me Elmo, Dumbo, Marie, Cat In The Hat pajamas.

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Sissy got me a pair of jeans and some pink sweats and a sweatshirt with a rainbow and pink hearts.

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Stocking That Was At Grandpa Juan And Raul House

At Grandpa Juan and Raul house I got a stocking that had an Elmo mirror, Star/Happy face teether, wind up Tigger, medicine dropper, Big Bird Spoon and Fork, M&M candy, and a See’s lollipop.

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Santa Came Early

When we came home from Grandpa Juan and Raul’s house I waited for Santa with Daddy. I Drinking water from a bottle.

Santa brought me a Little People Mini Home.

I want what Sissy got from Santa.

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Toys Toys Toys

Clothes, I want toys.

I will eat it open since they don’t open for me.

Hmm, how to get it out.

On to a different toy. Grandpa and Raul got a nice tree.

Hello Elmo.

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Present Time At Grandpa Juan And Raul House

I not quit so sure about this opening thing.

I going to eat the package open.

OO for me.

I can do it.

I rip the paper.

I see Big Bird.

Too much standing, I think it is time to sit.

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Me Eating A Cookie

On Saturday, December 19, 2009, we celebrated Christmas with Grandpa Juan and Raul. Sissy leaves to go visit her family in MA soon. Grandpa gave me a cookie. Raul is holding me while I eat.

More cookie, please.

I want to hold and squeeze my cookie.

I guess I will finally put the cookie in my mouth.

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