Great Aunt Laurie

Great Aunt Laurie bought me a $25 gift card.

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Great Uncle Pete

Great Uncle Pete bought me $100 Gift Cards to Toys R Us. Mommy told me when he was younger he worked at the store.

With my gift cards, I bought a 3-in-1 Smart Trike.

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Great Aunt Roxanne And Uncle Gary

Great Aunt Roxanne and Uncle Gary bought me a 3-Piece Minnie Mouse outfit, a black bow sweater, and a farm See N Say.

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Great Grandma And Grandpa Soto

Great Grandma and Grandpa Soto bought me a savings bond, a dress, leggins, sweats, and cords.

Great Grandpa gives all the kids $5 on their birthday.

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Auntie Kristen And Andrew

Auntie Kristen and Andrew got me a ball pit and balls. I will have lots of fun.

Auntie traced my hand and feet prints to make art for Mommy. It says To Mama Love Brena.

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Uncle Mike And Mikey

Michael and Mikey bought me a corn popper, farm See N Say, and a circle stacker.

Other people bought me a corn popper and a See N Say too. So I took these back to the store and got a Shopping Cart with food.

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Grandma And Grandpa Soto

Grandma and Grandpa Soto bought me a lot of clothes, pajamas, jackets, and money.

I got movies, Snow White and Up, and a Cookie Monster Chatters.

I got Singing Pop Up Pals.

With the money they gave me, I bought Elmo table and chairs.

And Mommy and Daddy think if they make my corral bigger, I will play. My second Superyard XT. Hmmmm.

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Sissy got me some Raiders pajamas and bath tub squirt toys.

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Elmo Theme Party

On Saturday, November 21, 2009, I turned one years old.  I am now a toddler.  Mommy and Daddy gave me a huge birthday party.  Elmo was my party theme.  We had Carmen BBQ and chicken from Luckys. My cake was from Safeway and ice cream cups from Schwan’s.

Here is my party invitaion. Also, Mommy did an E-vite for the people that have e-mail.

This is my first birthday picture. I one. Yeah!!!

This is my cake to give to people.

I got my own personal cake. This is me ready to attack. Mommy and Daddy were nice to let me have it. Some people don’t give their babies sugar.

My one toy that got built during my party, my ball pit. I will have lots of fun with it.

I guess Mommy and Daddy were too busy hosting my party that they didn’t take any pictures of all the people.

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